Ame R. I. Mutt

Ame R. I. Mutt is a young adult who lives in the USA. He was born in a middle class family and received a good education. Made up by at least 95 different ethnicities, he truly understands the world and how it works.

Bachelor Mutt works at a boring office eight hours a day, plus an average of three daily extra hours of overtime. At least he is better than as an intern, now he can start paying his interminable student loan and not starve at the same time. At least he has a real job… His debt is part of the total $13 Trillion (1012) of the U.S. household debt. He is, as his fellow citizens and its own government, on the verge of bankruptcy. The bottom 50%, in which he belongs, owns a −0.13% of the national wealth (source: But that is not important at all. I mean, Drumpf called a country shithole! How indecent!

The business owner takes his labour and pays him a half of its value. The government  also steals from him, taxing him a half of his salary and returning him a half of the taken part, most of it on national security –that is, mass spying and propaganda–, an oversized army and inefficient welfare programmes. But he is satisfied. “This is the perfect mix of capitalism and socialism”, he says, “because capitalism is when businesses do stuff and socialism is everything the government does, whether regulations or taxes”.

After that terrible school shooting, he happily followed how the rebellious teens participated on a walk out they did not organised. He smiles, thinking on how the people is going to be safe now. Only the police; which targets blacks and other minorities, and uses excessive violence; should have guns. It might be a cultural issue or the consequence of an extremely expensive healthcare system, but it is mostly a gun issue, for sure. Sure thing delinquents will not use illegal guns if legal guns get banned. Now that he is at the mercy of criminals, the government –expert in false flag attacks– and possible future paramilitary groups, he feels much safer. A man Mutt defined as “literally Hitler” should disarm the American people. After all, it worked so well for the slaves, blacks, immigrants and Native Americans –those as he dressed up to “honour” while ignoring the fact that they are nowadays treated as livestock.

Drawing Board by RednBlackSalamander
“Drawing Board” by RednBlackSalamander


His boss wakes him banging on his desk, he is getting close to the deadline on the project on which he is working. While he was daydreaming, the US forces invaded another Arab country and drone bombed another hospital, but Mutt didn’t realise it. It is time for him to continue his routine. He stresses, for he is aware than his extreme debt, the government created inflation and the rise of the rates of interest and house prices will make all his efforts meaningless as he falls in misery. “We could have Hillary in 2020, or maybe 2024”, he mutters.


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